Dual SIM Tablet

dual sim phones

one. Do more with less

Dual SIM mobile rings have been around for a very long time now, but lately they see the market being flooded with dual SIM tablets . Though a tablet without a doubt gives much more flexibility than a laptop computer while being filled with various features and functions, dual SIM tablets come with their share of benefits. The five reasons why you ought to get today are.
dual sim phones

two. Make calls basically and do a whole lot more

With SIM cards, can hold numbers at the same point of time. can make or get calls on number and use the other only for texts if need be. Moreover you can avail a special messaging or knowledge plan on SIM and go for a calling plan on the other depending on the kind of designs being offered by both your network providers.

With dual SIM, you can use the second SIM to make calls, perform knowledge transfer or send a SMS in case the network range on the first is weak or vice versa. It may also happen that of the SIMs is not working or has been disconnected and in such a scenario you can instantly use the second.

dual sim phones

three. No more worrying about work calls

You can use your tablet for different purposes. You can give the work SIM number to colleagues and work-related people and the home SIM number to your friends and relatives members. You can distinguish the knowledge in your tablet accordingly and keep track of the work and home messages and calls .

four. Going to a new city?

These tablets are very useful when an individual goes to a new city as he can basically use SIM card from his hometown and take a second local SIM card of the place he is visiting. This lets him keep in contact with local travelling companions or colleagues while also being reachable by his relatives back home.

five. No more worrying about missed calls

Don't forget, there's plenty of things you can do along with your tablet apart from making calls including access to WiFi, using the touch screen and working with a vibrant HD display.

A dual SIM tablet ensures that when someone calls you, the chances of your phone getting engaged reduces considerably. The reason is that in case you are conversing with someone on the first number and if a person calls you on the second number, they won't get an engaged tone.

dual sim phones

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Dual SIM Tablet
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