MFU W72 Phone Windows Mobile - DUAL SIM WIFI

dual sim phones

The MFU W72 Windows Clever phone eliminates all Windows Mobile rings that are using single SIM or without TV feature inside. Manufacturers of MFU W72 Windows Clever phone is not only making simulation design of the phone, but also added additional features, Handwriting and QWERTY Keypad input that is the most fascinating features so far.

The Clever phone market is booming because of their nice feature and high competitive cost, with lots of handful devices that are convincing available in the four-major US wireless carriers. Check out the MFU W72, a Dual SIM, Dual Standby Windows Mobile 6.5 Clever phone with TV, GPS, WiFi and far more! This new gadget included on ten lists of Clever phone, which have been announced or are available in the market.

Other features are tempting to explore. MFU W72 Windows Clever phone runs on Windows Mobile 6.5, worth appraising packing 128MB RAM, 256ROM, Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS, and analog TV.

dual sim phones

Dual SIM, Dual Standby is so great features to make use of because you have all convenience of phone numbers from a phone simultaneously. You can be creative along with your numbers; for the job and another number for relatives and friends.

The rings get cameras, are on the front side is 0.3-Megapixel and another additional camera locating on the back is 3-Megapixel. MFU W72 Windows Clever phone has brilliant design features like a immense QWERTY keyboard, so you can write emails and messages quickly and exactly. With a touch sensitive screen of two.4 inches, you can browse through the net pages with ease. It is also available with a pen input support and icy optical mouse. The main button on the top middle of the QWERTY keyboard is an optical mouse, a touch sensor that lets you navigate through menus and pages by dragging your finger gently on the button.

dual sim phones

MFU W72 Windows Clever phone has something of worth recalling while bearing resemblance to Nokia E72. First, it supported by an optical touch pad for simple usage in lieu of the elderly way direction button or trackball. The manufacturer announces to the world loud and proud that MFU W72 Windows Clever phone is the Shanzhai's first phone ever produced that comes with this feature.

With analog TV feature inside, you can watch on your rings anywhere you go. Search channels automatically, and you get better reception with an extendable antenna, and even record TV programs. MFU W72 Windows Clever phone is the best partner for new productivity. Now you can use Microsoft ActiveSync to synchronize your Outlook calendar and contact information. You can also generate, edit, open, and save the new Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. You can also download and install any program that is compatible with Windows Mobile - all on your wonderful phone.

With W72 internal GPS receiver, you can use this phone as a full-fledged GPS navigator. Basically install your favourite Windows Mobile compatible GPS and go. The internal GPS receiver automatically detects the satellites, so you can reach your location on time, every time. Enjoy the advantage of two.0 MP camera, FM tuner, and Windows Media Player to relax. On the other hand, surf the Web with Wi-Fi or GPRS to check your e-mails, chat with friends, and read the news at any time.

dual sim phones

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MFU W72 Phone Windows Mobile - DUAL SIM WIFI
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