Huawei P9 With dual sim card And Great Camera

Huawei P9 With dual sim card And Great Camera

Huawei P9 With dual sim card And Great Camera
Huawei P9 With dual sim card And Great Camera

Almost two years ago, the networking company giant Chinese Huawei disclose your smartphone Ascend the P7, which operating android system increases the sayings of the absence of any innovation in phones Chinese companies, the design was taken in flagrant violation of the Category Xperia z from Sony and Other dual SIM Card phones , the operating system is strange shape it contains many of the spirit of the iOS, but after two years Huawei has evolved dramatically both at the level of external design or even the operating system internally displaced persons with the Phone Huawei P9, not to mention the existence of innovation represented in bilateral camera behind with the cooperation of the photography company tradition of Lai-kha.

After making the excellent phone Nexus 6P for Google last year, Huawei in 2016 with the phone is the most beautiful design until the present, as well as the partnership with Lai-kha company is a revolutionary photographed on the smartphone. Phone comes Huawei P9 with bilateral camera behind with the slogan of Lai-kha that are not yet integrated technologies effectively after the Huawei devices. Any of these reasons would not be any reason to buy the phone but these reasons seven had done!
In any case, away from the previous details, the best thing i liked in Huawei dual SIM Card phone P9 is to enjoy during use, where that work environment for the best - In the view of many android phones leading currently market such as the Galaxy s 7 or H5N1, 10 or LG G 5. This Phone from Huawei carrying all the details of the lead in brings with it, even the price of 640 dollars mastered the galaxy phones S 7 and H5N1, 10 and LG G 5. I spent some time between the phones four mentioned in this review and I can confirm to you that the low price Huawei phone does not mean poverty in design or technical specifications, but on the contrary the phone comes an excellent design and specifications of leading technology.

"battery did not last for a long time despite the large capacity"

continues Huawei in support of the storage cards from the type of MicroSD card in this phone and the telephone despite but it comes great battery capacity of 3,000 Ma, No another phone in the same degree of thin this in the market with a battery of this size, except Xiaomi Mi 5 May. But unfortunately the large battery on the Huawei P9 does not mean long life, where the phone consume a lot of power when connect to the fourth generation and find yourself in the need to recharge the phone again in mid-day, this is of course with the normal use of the phone such as photos and surf the web and use of social networks and the registration of some of the remarks, which I find frustrating some thing.

In standby mode, your phone can lasts until two days of work when you connect to a Wi-Fi Only, either when the Huawei P9 Under the real test, performed not be spectacular on the contrary of his competitors in the market. Perhaps this is because of the Kirin processor on the world version thereof, in any case, has to get more battery life when purchasing version us Qualcomm processor snapdragon 820 which Amazing For dual SIM Card phones.

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Huawei P9 With dual sim card And Great Camera
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