Sony xperia X : One Of the most Amazing dual sim card phones in 2016

Sony xperia X : One Of the most Amazing dual sim card phones in 2016

Sony xperia X : One Of the most Amazing dual sim card phones in 2016
Sony xperia X : One Of the most Amazing dual sim card phones in 2016

Since the period of Sony of Japan suffer in the market of smart phones specially dual sim card phones, according to many market analysts company needs to reinvent the smart phones, in the light of the escalation of the star of competing companies such as Samsung and Huawei phones, especially the recent launches smart phones lead advanced specifications and affordable accessible to users.

Within the framework of the attempts of Sony reinventing the smart phones, the change of the name of the category of 1,150 leading xperia z to xperia X-ray, fired more than a phone within this category in February last year, of which Xperia XA and Xperia X and Xperia X Performance has recently launched the Xperia XA Ultra.

Unfortunately xperia category new X-ray from Sony Is Not a lot, especially the main phone that carries the same name, although the metal design, reasonable camera, display colors with borderless good 5 inches, interface and clean use. But all this gives in the end the experience of the use of the medium at a high rate of up to 550 US dollars, without offering nothing new.

On the other hand, we find Samsung creatively in design, camera, watch in design, Chinese Huawei has become so unique in providing pilot phones at medium.
The Sony dual sim card phones stopped when the past glories and did not give us creativity in its part and even resistance technology water and dirt in which they were conceived in the past and was one of the few companies, backed in smart phones are no longer in a phone xperia X-ray, even fingerprint technology on all the leading phones currently market, will not find in the US version of your device.

Do not misunderstand me here, phone xperia x is the phone Sony without doubt, design almost Sony, and interface on Sony, even the broad lines of a similar design Sony. The screen in the xperia x-ray bend something at the side edges, with speakers outposts in the top and bottom of the device.

The back of the device you will find the slogan of the famous xperia  x , together with the main camera accurately 23 mega-pixel equipped with flash animations, and nothing else!
Sony abandoned in this Phone on the previous design (glass - metal - glass) unfortunately result some phone fully spa but does not give the same previous experience, which feels the value of the phone, at least the new design will support the phone when he fell and protected by the casing, and the side made of polyethylene carbon Sony helped to hide the antenna lines rather than within the design, and this has helped to increase the overall design.

In the right side of the phone you will find the power button (with its integrated fingerprint sensor in the European version) with the volume control buttons button and smoking the camera, in the upper part of the left exit, slide the storage card. Sony continues in xperia x 1m internal storage capacity of 32 GB, be lifted through storage cards from the type of Micro SD card up to 200 GB, you will also find the setup wizard average 650 Qualcomm industry with 3 GB of memory slums.

Sony deserve praise to ease the load of the interface and greatly as One of the best dual sim card phones , this version of the interface with the system android marshmallow very close to the fresh version, especially in specific areas such as Quick Settings and notices. But, unfortunately, were not content with this and has issued a set of special applications of such as (email, music, video...etc.) which is similar to the applications of Google in function, with full preference applications default Google, of course.

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Sony xperia X : One Of the most Amazing dual sim card phones in 2016
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