HTC one A9 : the best HTC Dual Sim Phones

HTC one A9 : the best HTC Dual Sim Phones

HTC one A9 : the best HTC Dual Sim Phones
HTC one A9 : the best HTC Dual Sim Phones
Officially HTC One A9 Were declared and surprising in this  DualSim Phones are resembles iPhone to a large extent so that you see in front of you Yvonne phone android system, so you review and evaluation of the HTC Phone One A9 effects of controversial and determination.

Company hopes Taiwan HTC to achieve big sales through new series HTC phones.
After a wave of rumors and leakages the phone has so many of us where the phone comes an attractive design and exquisite resembles the splendor of Sony phones Z5 design, just as iPhone 6S AND S6 Plus aluminum light which is used in planes industry where HTC designed new phone from scratch.
In the back you will find yourself in front of the design of Iphone phones 6S AND S6 Plus.

But I do not know why all those in size located on the bottom of the screen and the highest!, where had been htc dispensed with.

HTC one A9 comes flat stunning Of AMOLED category with a metric of 5 inches and density of 441 pixels database and full 1080p but not as NYC & LA phone screens Samsung s6 and S6 Edge in addition to the strong protection from the gorilla glass 4.
On the one hand the voice of the H5N1, A9 and it is not the quality and the usual purity of HTC phones as the phone does not support voice quality 24bit.

The phone comes with a processor slightly less than the rest of the competition phones comes with a processor Qualcomm snap dragon 617 eight core is divided into two processors Cortex core-A5 i frequency of 1.5 Ghz and frequency of 1.2 GHZ.
With graphics processor strong category 405, port, Type-C USB drive to transfer data faster.
HTC one A9 : the best HTC Dual Sim Phones
HTC one A9 : the best HTC Dual Sim Phones

It also supports contacts the fourth generation which is sensitive to fingerprint inside the main button can be used to buy from Google store play.
With random memory large 2 gigs of DDR4 for 16 Gb and 3Ghz Ramallah for 32 GHZ, there is no problem for tasks and applications, with internal memory 32 and 16 Gb Scales to 200 GB.

HTC One A9 Dual Sim Phones comes with a Rear Camera accuracy 13 mega pixels, with auto Preset the picture, optical installation and support for taking pictures of raw stretch.

In conjunction with either camera accurately briefing 4 megapixel with ultra-pixels, which features the company phones lens slot F/2.0.
Video camera complete accuracy 1080p, where the phone does not support portray 4K because of the processor speed of 30 Mbps framework.
Photography and video 1080p quickly 30 under the second front camera.

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HTC one A9 : the best HTC Dual Sim Phones
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